Water Features

JV Landscape installs residential and commercial water features with a variety of stone selections. These ponds are natural with waterfall cascades and require little care. These pools include complete filtration systems that provide you with a crystal clear water garden.

FountainsA fountain is a quick and easy way to bring running water to your garden and, with a wide range of options, there is one for every aesthetic. In contrast, these fountains look like a natural mountain spring and add a sense of elegance and fascination when the water gushes from a solid stone before falling back to the ground.

Streams & Waterfalls :  A stream or waterfall brings living sense of flowing water to your landscape without having to live in the mountains. Also they are perfect for stirring a pond at the base and keeping the water moving to prevent mosquitoes and other parasites from settling in your landscape. Hence, it also retains its oxygenated water and helps prevent the accumulation of algae and scum that grows in calm waters.

Ponds : Ponds provide an interesting opportunity to extend your landscaping into a new direction. New plant and animal species will add to your land plants and add a new dimension to your landscape.
Furthermore, water lilies, fish, frogs and more can make your pond their home and bring new colors and sounds that will add a finishing touch to a beautiful landscape.