Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete 

concrete stamping india


Stamped Concrete or Imprint Concrete in India is a process of adding structure and color to concrete, making it look like stones, bricks and pebbles. Comparing it to natural products, this infinite possibility and extremely high durability and low cost make this an easy choice for new construction and renovation projects.  

Fabrication of stamped concrete is a outcome we get by using a strong concrete mix (RMC) which is applicable with customisable mats. Decorative Stamped Concrete flooring in India is mainly non-porous, impermeable surface. Hence, it means that weeds can’t grow through it and that stains such as oil are easily washable. Stamped concrete colors offer 100% UV protection and do not fade away from direct sunlight.

In India, stamped concrete has applications almost everywhere like walkways, driveways, terraces, streets, foot paths and car parkings, and even in covered floors. Likewise, stamped concrete is an ideal surface treatment for concrete surfaces, as with time, color and surface still appears great and have no color fade.

Moreover, there are many color options that completely restore the color and appearance of stamped concrete.


How Stamped Concrete Works ?  

Decorative stamped concrete is an amazing technique for creating an attractive flooring as it replicates the look of natural stone. It may be concrete floors, walkways, driveways and so on. Certainly, the benefits and beauty of stamped concrete are unbeatable! Here are the steps we take to make your home or business as good as possible.

Pour concrete – Stamped concrete starts like any other concrete project.  Mixing, pouring and levelling of RMC – Ready Mix Concrete of a specific grade.


Coloring & Releasing – A distinctive chemical color “color hardener” & “release powder” is applied to the mats to stain the concrete and prevent the concrete from sticking to the stamped concrete mats

Stamping Process – Subsequently, the stamped concrete mats are applied to the concrete, creating a stone-like texture.

Cleaning – In conclusion, the remaining color is washed away and shows the actual appearance of the concrete and its marked appearance.

Stamped concrete is a great way to showcase your concrete project.  Also, here are some of the benefits you can expect :

  • Cheaper– In contrast, stamped concrete is usually cheaper than many other pavers.
  • Color choice– Tell us the colors you are looking for and we can mix them to your specifications.
  • Perfect shape– Likewise, the patterns provided are of different shapes and always fit together perfectly.
  • Lack of settling– Stamped concrete does not settle like many traditional pavers. So reduces the risk of tripping.

Why Stamped Concrete ?
Stamped concrete is sweeping flooring industry throughout India for its simplicity, cost-effectiveness and absolutely beautiful and lavish appearance. Stamped Concrete outsmarts every other flooring idea. For more information, ⇒ See comparison

Therefore, with more than 5 years of experience, JV Landscapes has the skills you need to get the ultimate concrete project for your business. Certainly, once your project completes, you will wonder why you were waiting so long to add elegance to your property