Stamped Concrete : A Contemporary Notion in Decorative Outdoor Concrete Flooring in India

The stamped concrete in India is marked with color, pattern and texture before drying completely on the concrete surface. With this method, stamped concrete floors can replicate pavers, tiles, bricks and even wood finishing with different patterns and colors to choose with.

Application Areas : Schools/Universities, Theme Parks/Malls, Hotels/Cafeterias, Foothpath/Walkways, Libraries/culture centers, Open Restaurants/Banquet, Swimming Pool Decks, and Monument Refurbishment.

Stamped concrete is one of those space remodeling trends that seem to be catching up very fast these days to beautify outdoor floorings of residence (indoor and outdoor) or surrounding such as pool decks, driveways, entries, courtyards, patios, and so on.

Stamped concrete is commonly referred to as patterned concrete or embossed concrete. Its concrete is reminiscent of bricks, slates, slabs, stone, tiles, wood and various other patterns and textures. Previously, only expensive commercial applications seemed decent, but now with the introduction of less expensive stamped concrete exterior spaces are impressing the audience.

JV Landscapes notes the emerging response to these decorative stamped concrete trends and introduces in India the concept of stamped and decorative concrete, a concept that is well established in different parts of the world.

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Advantages of Stamped Concrete : Stamped concrete can make a dramatic impression, and there are many reasons why people choose this authentic material to enhance their landscapes and buildings. In addition to the durability of normal concrete, stamping adds a decorative touch and makes it a coveted and economical product for everyone.

  1. Stamped Concrete in India is available in many colors and patterns and offers many design options.
  2. Stamped Concrete can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic.
  3. Concrete Stamping can be applied on various surfaces and textures.
  4. No special maintenance requirements, only wash occasionally and seal every two or three years.
  5. Better resistance to humidity, moisture and dense traffic.
  6. Can be installed about twice as fast as a natural stone or prefabricated paver.
  7. Good reflection of the light with a clear color.