Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete      

Before we look at some of the main reasons why we should choose polished concrete for our place, we start by understanding what polished concrete really means. Polished concrete is exactly what it looks like, i.e concrete that has been polished until the finish is smooth and shiny. This practice is carried out with the best professional equipment for grinding and polishing concrete as well as highly specialized techniques.
To produce the best polished concrete floors, our professionals use a chemical hardener that penetrates into the concrete base, in some cases to harden it, make it easy to clean and even dustproof.

Appearance Sleek, shiny finish, Custom color selection and design options, Creates showroom type asthetic. Polished concrete looks good and looks like a floor might look. A professional polisher can turn your concrete pathway, patio, basement or kitchen into a rustic and chic masterpiece. Polished concrete is a clever, trendy and practical way to use the existing material to literally radiate the floors of your home.

Some key benefits of polished concrete:

  1. Environmental friendlyIt can make use of existing concrete base. Polished concrete can help you save energy by reflecting natural light. It reflects up to 90% natural room lighting while keeping floor cool in the hot summer months. Not to mention, it is easy to clean and does not require staining chemicals after a spill.

  2. Economical:  Polished concrete is not only a friendly option for the environment and your living space, but also extremely economical. This means no extra costs for wood or carpets, which require much more maintenance and much more money.

  3. Practical : Polished concrete is extremely low maintenance, so you can set up and maintain a clean living area throughout. Whether you opt for polished concrete in your kitchen, in the basement, in the garage or on the outdoor patio, you can rest assured that your floor is non-slip, dustproof and easy to clean. Not to mention that a polished floor does not need wax to maintain its appearance.

  4. Durable: Can last for decade with proper maintenance. No peeling or chipping takes place, also it protects against chemical stains. Compared to the epoxy floor, polished concrete is much more advantageous. Considering that an epoxy floor can flake after just a few years, polished concrete holds the edge. A polished, well-tended concrete floor can last for decades without significant signs of use, scratches or stains.

  5. Flexible: Your floor can be fully customized to fit the chic style of your premises. JV Landscapes determines among other things, colors, decorative effects and gloss level.