Hardscaping & Concrete Work

All types of finishes are available, such as stamped concrete, textured stamped concrete, broom finish, integral color concrete, exposed aggregate concrete and polished concrete.

Stamped concrete or Imprint concrete

It is a process of adding structure and color to concrete, making it look like stones, bricks, slates, pebbles, and many other variations, including wood, fossils, shells and so on. Compared to traditional products, this infinite possibility and extremely high durability and low cost. Hence making stamped concrete an easy choice for new construction and renovation projects.

Stamped Concrete Floors are produced by using a strong concrete mix which is stamped with customized textured mats to get a surface texture that resembles natural stone, brick, paving etc. Stamped Concrete flooring in India is mainly non-porous, impermeable surface. In result which means that weeds can’t grow through it and that stains such as oil are easily washable.  Stamped concrete colors offer 100% UV protection and do not fade away from direct sunlight.

Application of imprint concrete is almost everywhere, like walkways, driveways, terraces, streets, foot paths and car parkings, and even on indoor floors.

Exposed concrete

EC is an elegant and sustainable way to add quality to your residential or commercial project. We get Exposed Aggregate concrete by removing the top layer of cement paste and revealing the underlying aggregate. The decorative aggregate now becomes a very durable, skid-resistant surface that is great for sidewalks, driveways, pooldecks, and patios.
The concrete is poured with an aggregate, such as chips, natural rock, slate, tile, rockery. Then, instead of the concrete completely covering these aggregates, it overlays the concrete. The surface of these aggregates is exposed, highlighting its natural beauty.

Integral color concrete

IC is a method for coloring the newly laid concrete in the blend of integral dye. These compounds bring cement with a rich and lasting color and constantly fade. Concrete companies use this dyeing medium to create a background to contrast accentuated colors , as pigmented detachment agents and dyes. This color stratification allows them to reproduce the varied and multi-layered appearance of natural stone in such a precise way.

Vertical imprint / stamping

It is one of the most popular walls texturing methods as it provides consistent results in less time. The stamps used for vertical concrete have the same durability and structure as those used for stamping. These employ for any application or for a random placement, depending on the appearance you want to achieve. They create deeper and more definable patterns and often require additional edits and details afterwards.

Polished concrete

is exactly what it looks like. Polish on concrete floor does the magic until the finish is smooth and shiny. We use special techniques and the best professional equipment for polishing concrete.

Decorative concrete floors

These are completely customizable and provide a great alternative to traditional flooring such as pavers, tile or marble. Color choices, textures, patterns and finish options combine for limitless design possibilities. Plus, concrete is extremely durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. If you have existing concrete floors, exposing them and applying a decorative treatment is an affordable and environmentally friendly option.

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