Pool Decks & Surrounds

Pool Decks

One of the biggest trends in outdoor landscape design today is a decorative concrete pool deck, a colored, textured and inviting area surrounding the pool that does more than providing a safe, slip-resistant deck for sunbathing. Certainly nowdays all inground pool decks are now given nearly as much attention as the interior design of the pool.

Decorative concrete has opened the doors to creating pool decks that complement the exterior of the home, meld with the outdoor environment, and replicate exotic and traditionally expensive materials such as slate, stone or even wood.

Sometimes referred to as cement pool decks, the choices available for designing a truly unique, functional, and affordable pool deck is possible with JV Landscapes

The benefits of concrete are many. Likewise it can provide an extremely durable surface, as compared to a wooden deck or even stone. With the new techniques for stamping and applying decorative concrete, number of patterns are possible.

Stamped concrete options offer new looks to your pool decks that usually includes stamped concrete patterns like Flagstone, Brickstone & Ashlar Slate.